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.He pressed on the front wall of her vagina, honing in on her g-spot and stroked it.She screamed and the world blurred as she came.Jack moved his mouth to her opening and lapped up all her wet passion.Jack got to his feet and she collapsed against him.He shut off the water and lifted her into his arms.Still dripping, he carried her to the bed.“I’m all wet,” she told him as if maybe he hadn’t noticed.Jack climbed over and settled himself between her legs.The look of pure hunger on his lovely face scorched her.“I can’t wait to be inside of you again.” He positioned himself at her opening, but he paused and took a deep breath.“Are you sure about the condoms? I can find one.” He looked in pain but he was still thinking of her feelings and needs.It warmed her all over again.Grace was on the pill and she was clean.If Jack said he’d never had unprotected sex she would believe him.After their time against the wall in the alley it was too late to worry about it tonight.She lifted her hips and he slid into her an inch.“Come into me, Jack.Please, I need you now.”“Oh, fuck, Grace,” he cursed and slid home in one steady motion.Jack was well endowed but she was slick from her orgasm and her body accepted his invasion with little resistance.Jack moved slowly in and out of her soaking sheath.He took her face into his hands and held her gaze.It was so intimate, so overwhelming that she wanted to hide but he wouldn’t let her.“I love you, Grace.I’ve always loved you,” he vowed.“I love you.I think I’ve loved you since the first time you kissed me,” she admitted and her eyes filled with tears.“Don’t cry, baby.” He kissed her eyes, her chin, and her mouth.“We’re together now.I want us to stay together if you’ll still have me.”He set up a steady rhythm then and continued to look into her eyes.Grace wrapped her legs around Jack’s hips.The change in position had him hitting her just right.The crown of his thick cock rubbed over that perfect spot with every withdrawal.Grace’s pussy rippled and Jack’s mouth opened with a hiss of air.One more thrust and she was coming in violent spasms around his cock.“Jack.Jack.Jack.” She called his name over and over.Jack powered through her orgasm gritting his teeth and panting.“Grace! I love you!” He thrust deep one more time and held himself there as his seed poured into her body.His eyes finally drifted shut as the orgasm carried him away.He shuddered against her.Grace held him to her chest.She never wanted to let go.Never.Jack woke her several times during the night to make love to her again.The first time he woke her they’d moved slowly, intently absorbing every sweet caress.The next time they woke had been a claiming.There was no other way to describe the way Jack had taken her body.In the wee hours of the morning she climbed out of bed to take a shower while he slept.She was sticky and her muscles ached from their exertions.It was a good ache that she hoped would never go away.After her shower she quietly slipped back into bed and watched Jack sleep.It was a little stalker-ish, but Grace had been longing for the sight of Jack for so many years, the chance to look her fill was too good to let pass.She eventually drifted off.When she woke again Jack was watching her.She grinned.He grinned back and kissed her sweetly.Jack gave her a t-shirt to put on.He slid on a pair of running shorts and together they went to the kitchen for coffee and toast.It was so comfortable just being there with Jack.Grace thought that was odd since they’d been separated for so long.Jack pulled out the coffee and filter.Grace got it brewing while Jack made toast.He set out an unopened jar of apple butter.Jack didn’t like apple butter, but he remembered that she loved it on her toast.She had to wonder if Matthew liked it too.She was hoping he’d bought it for her in hopes that he’d be feeding her breakfast at some point.They climbed the stairs hand in hand and went back to bed.This time they both seemed content to just lounge in each other’s company with the news quietly playing in the background.They needed to talk but neither seemed eager to ruin the morning with memories or past hurt feelings.Grace was propped against the headboard and Jack’s head rested on a pillow at the foot of the bed.They were quiet for a long time and Grace feared he was regretting his words of love.She needed to understand his true feelings.So she dove in head first.“Rachel thought you were gay,” she informed him.He nodded.“I know.She told me she was surprised by my attraction to you.It’s not something we ever spoke about.It was a non-subject.It didn’t matter to her who I dated.She’s my dearest friend.She just wanted me to be happy, as I wanted her to be happy.I never said ‘look at that, Rachel, you’re heterosexual.’ And she never felt the need to clarify my attraction to men.We’ve always just been there for each other, no matter who else was in our lives.”“I really like her,” Grace told him.“I do too,” he told her, and she could hear the smile in his voice.That made her smile.She was so glad Jack had had a true friend to support him, but she couldn’t let it drop there.Something Rachel told her was nagging the back of Grace’s mind.Why hadn’t Rachel ever seen him with a woman?“She said she’d never seen you with a woman.That sounds.unbelievable.Were you hiding those relationships?”Jack propped himself up on his elbows and frowned at her.“Why would I hide anything from anyone, Grace? Did I ever hide anything from you?”“Only that one time when you didn’t want me to go home with you for your father’s funeral,” she reminded him.Jack’s scowl melted.“I still regret not telling you Victor had invited himself to go.I just knew it would hurt you if I told you he was going, so I wasn’t comfortable with you going.I was already dealing with too much after my father’s death.”“I understand that now.At the time I thought I was going to be your savior, idiot that I was.Hearing the truth wouldn’t have hurt nearly as badly as being confronted by the lie [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]